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Csatornák száma2
Csatorna hangszínszabályozó típusaHáromsávos hangszínszabályozó
Kivezérlés jelző LEDVan
Beépített effektprocesszorNincs
USB csatlakozóNincs
Fejhallgató csatlakozóVan
Mikrofon bemenetVan
Lemezjátszó bemenetVan
Vonal bemenetVan
Crossfader Van
BPM számlálóNincs
Rack-be építhetőIgen
Méretek254 x 104 x 355 mm
Tömeg 3.7 kg

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The Reloop RMX-22i is a 2+1 channel DJ mixer with digital audio architecture and integrated Instant Sound Colour effects. This compact club-style mixer benefits from the same high-quality build and sound characteristics that are already found on the flagship RMX-80 Digital mixer. An iPad split input on the rear of the mixer makes it possible to include an iPad, Android tablet or smartphone directly into your DJ set-up via 3.5 mm jack to the RMX-22i. The supplied iPad split cable can divide the audio signal into two separate mono channels or delivers one stereo output. This connection method means DJ apps with split-cue function (like DJAY by Algoriddim) can be utlisied, as can the stereo output from production or sampler apps. The RMX-22i has four high-quality digital Sound Colour effects built-in. White noise, Filter (low and high-pass), Bit Crusher and Gate can be assigned to the dedicated Instant FX potentiometers at the push of a button. The effects can be used for any channel and are modulated via a large, ergonomic bi-polar potentiometer to achieve exactly the sound you want. The instantly recognisable mixer layout has a three-band EQ section that can be easily set to 'Kill' (isolator mode) or 'Classic', to suit any individual mixing style. The line- and cross-fader curves are adjustable on the mixer surface, so smooth mixes and hard cuts can be carried out quickly and changed mid-routine. In addition to curve adjustment, the cross-fader and line-faders can be set to auto-start or crossover-reverse to suit the needs of your performance. With a total of eight inputs and five outputs, you will always find the right connection for any analogue or digital source. The output section benefits from both RCA and XLR outputs for trouble-free connection of the master signal to any PA system. The RMX-22i's high-quality crossfader can also be upgraded with the new Reloop Innofader by Audio Innovate for a truly unrivalled performance at a very appealing price. SpecsInputs: 2 Phono, 5 Line, 1 Combo-MicOutputs: 1 XLR, 2 RCA, 2 headphonesFrequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHzEQ range classic: +12 dB / -8 dBEQ range isolator: +12 dB / -26 dB (Total Kill)Dimensions: 254 x 104 x 355 mmWeight: 3,7 kgFeatures2 (+1) Channel Digital Effect MixerFully digital architecture for outstanding sound and flexibility4 Instant Sound Colour Effects per channel (Filter, White Noise, Bit Crush & Gate)iPad / tablet / smartphone audio split-inputEQ-setting for classic or isolator (kill)45 mm club line- & crossfaderFader-start, reverse & curve controlInnofader compatibleMic channel with 2-band EQ and auto talkover (active ducking technology)2 headphones outputs (6,3 mm jack and 3,5 mm jack)Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) outputsAltogether 8 inputs (2x phono, 5x line, 1x combo-mic)Altogether 5 outputs (1x XLR, 2x RCA, 2x headphones)Club quality sound & builtOptional Reloop RMX Innofader accessory by Audio Innovate availableincl. Smartphone / Tablet Audio Split Cable and International Power Supply. Így is ismerheti: RMX 22 I, RMX22I, RMX 22I, RMX-22 I
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